when you need something different 

It was restaurant food, not ‘wedding’ food.


Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn STE EVENTS is a curator of exotic events,     weddings and private dinner parties. We bring our 15 years of training in NYC's top restaurants to your event.  


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Scott Edwards-


Scott has over a decade of NYC fine dining and event experience as well as training in Europe, Asia the Middle East, Mediterranean and beyond. He has worked extensively in the local NYC dining scene most recently on the opening of Estela, Contra and Wildair to name a few. He was also recently the chef of the acclaimed Moroccan Soho Pop-Up The Secret Souk  and also appeared on Athena Calderone's blog EYESWOON


Dan Hrcsko-


Beverage & Service Director

Dan and Scott met during their formative years in the NYC Fine dining scene. Dan was most recently heading up the beverage department at acclaimed Cervos and Hart's in the LES and Brooklyn. Dan creates specialty cocktails and beverage programs to compliment the ever changing menus at STE Events.

632 hudson wedding (126 of 126).jpg

Corbin McConnell-


Event Coordinator

Corbin has worked extensively in hospitality and events since moving to NYC. His background in theatre and his eye for creative flow offers clients opportunities to make events exciting, inviting and different. Offering up new ideas, Corbin aims to change the flow of your event and illustrate a personal side that dazzles guests and creates a one of a kind experience.


Angela Park-


Creative Director




Since moving from Austin in 2003, Angela has been a heavyweight amongst the creatives in NYC. For over a decade Angela has been in hospitality as well as the fashion industry in multiple lead director positions. She currently contributes her meticulous sensibility and attention to the tiniest of detail to STE Events. Angela strives to create an unforgettable imprint, delicious to all five senses.






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